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Printing Squid is a wide-format printing company I’ve started to follow in my fathers footsteps. We provide high-quality prints using state of the art printing equipment while being a two person operation. Why deal with a customer support representative in another country who has no control over your order when you can speak directly with the ones making it?
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A blog where I write about the latest in technology, productivity, knowledge management and software.

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23 / 12 / 17

The Uninvited Guest in the Labyrinth of Thought

A poem I wrote about Impostor Syndrome.

In the labyrinth of my mind, a maze intricate,
A realm where shadows dance, a realm so elusive,
A place of wonders, yet a prison unescapable,
Where thoughts and feelings intertwine, persistently abusive.

A symphony of thoughts, a cacophony of voices,
Echoes of the past, whispers of the future,
A kaleidoscope of emotions, a prism of choices,
Where chaos reigns supreme, and order is but a fable, a shattered utopia.

But within this labyrinth, a specter lurks unseen,
An impostor, cunning, elusive, ever uninvited,
It whispers in my ear, "You're not enough," a mantra mean,
A lie that I believe, a poison that I've imbibed.

The impostor syndrome, a complex maze untold,
Where perfection is the goal, and failure is a sin,
A web of self-doubt, a shroud of guilt, an endless roll,
A mask of confidence, beneath which hides a quivering chin.

It tells me that I'm not smart enough, nor talented enough,
That my accomplishments were fluke, a matter of chance,
It feeds on my insecurities, it thrives on my pain,
A parasite that feeds, a cancer that remains.

But in this maze of the mind, there is a glimmer of hope,
A beacon of light, a spark of resilience, an ember that won't fade,
I must challenge the impostor, confront it with a rope,
And bind its lies, expose its deceit, and make it afraid.

For in this labyrinth of my mind, I am the master,
The architect of my thoughts, the captain of my ship,
I will not let the impostor define me as a disaster,
But instead, I'll embrace my flaws, learn from my mistakes and live.